Rules, House and Otherwise

This campaign will be using most of the basic rules from Gurps Basic, to varying degrees. We will start with the simple basic mechanics and ramp up details as we all gain a better understanding of the rules. 
The few more complex ones that I am aware of and will be pushing to implement are

  1. Hit location and advanced injury rules. (multiple hit locations, different injury modifiers, damage limits on extremities, crippling injuries, and bleeding.)
  2. Detailed hex and movement rules for combat (fairly intuitive, not that hard to get the hang of, comfortable playing fast and loose with them.)

Additionally, we will be using a plot points system, extracting several elements frm 40krpg's fate points system and Shadowrun's edge system.

Your plot points statistic will begin at six. You may spend these plot points while on adventure. They will regenerate at the end of the month cycle. You may also burn the points, permanently reducing the plot points statistic, for greater life saving purposes. Permanent increases to the plot point statistic will be awarded for the creation and completion of complex and interesting story arcs. Temporary plot points, which cannot be burned and will not role over to the next month, will be awarded for moments of inspired roleplaying or memorable action. What constitutes an award worthy action will be determined by consensus of the table, though the GM has final judgment and may also award points independently if they see fit. (Points will only be awarded for activities done in session, however. no rewards for solo side rping)

The effects of plot point spending follow

Ammount Effect if Spent Effect if Burned
1 Inconsiquential. Something that would win you an argument, make a moment more stylish, or allow your character to possess an object they would reasonably possess but which was not written on the sheet. Negate a single action that would kill or injure the character without harming or otherwise impeding or injuring the attacker. A lamp falls in front of a sword blow, a necklace stops a bullet, etc.
2 Something beneficial to the character, but circumstantial or otherwise necessitating active effort to make advantageous. An otherwise random NPC has a favorable opinion of the character for some reason, it is the full moon tonight. Actively impede or delay an opponent threatening death on a character. The opponent becomes momentarily entangled in furniture, a gun suffers a minor jam, a bystander stumbles into the action blocking a path of attack.
3 Offset an otherwise negative situation or otherwise gain some advantage from a failure. A formerly hostile character becomes friendly or understanding. A failed chase produces a clue or piece of information. The character survives an otherwise unavoidable death, or something external to the conflict intervenes to obstruct the adversary. The character miraculously lives through a bomb going off, a nearby vehicle careens into the combat cutting off the adversary.
4 Something that actively benefits the party in a very direct way without harming or forcing others to act outside of reasonable behavior. A significant equipment failure, a guard asleep on duty or a patrol is late to an area. An adversary that was threatening death is effectively removed from the combat without being killed. A cliff crumbles out from benieth them, the environment injures them and forces them away.
5 An immediate and overt beneficial effect which must be reasonable within the environment, but otherwise may strain credulity. A well placed lightning strike, a container of explosive materials. Extricate yourself and/or any of the party that wishes to go along from a life threatening situation. This can be aided by environmental effects or simply rapid and miraculous depending on appropriate narrative of the moment.
6 Something immediate overt, and long lasting. This should ideally be appropriate to the environment but is not critically so. A prisoner or random passerby happens to be a skilled and well armed ally, a gamble results in a sizeable windfall, a storage space contains equipment specifically useful to the party, stocked with any accessories necessary and ready to use. N/A – you never have to burn all your points in one event. The last one is for the lucky break that lifts you out of your second act funk.


Rules, House and Otherwise

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